international child neurology Congress
Mumbai 2018

VENUE : Hotel Grand Hyatt, Kalina, Mumbai
DATE : 15 - 18 November 2018

Speaker Guidelines

Instructions for Speakers :

Audio-Visual Equipment available

The following audio-visual equipment and technical help will be provided for your presentation.

  • Mac book with keynote
  • Wireless microphones for the speaker
  • Wireless Microphone for the chairman
  • Power Point Control with Laser pointer
  • Monitor at the podium
  • Technical Operator

General Instructions :

  • All speakers should upload their presentation at the “Preview Room”. There will be a technician to assist you there. Preview Room will be located opposite to Hall A, directions for the same will be placed in the venue.
  • Speakers must upload their presentation slides latest by the morning of their respective sessions. It is preferable to be well prepared and set up a day in advance if possible.
  • You can bring along a CD or USB Pen Drive. The presentation cannot be collected from mobiles or the internet.
  • Presentations which are not uploaded in advance will not be integrated into the system.
  • Presenters will not be allowed to use their own laptops. Any request to do so will be declined.
  • Please be advised that under no circumstances you will be allowed to load your presentation at the podium.
  • In order to keep to time a timer will be projected on the stage. Your presentation will freeze and the screen will go blank at the end of your allotted time.
  • Please note that we have provision of Apple Desktop. Hence it is advisable to get your presentation in a suitable format.
  • Make sure you run your presentations well in advance in the Preview Room to avoid glitches during your talk.
  • If any special fonts are used please bring the presentation as a pack & go (if created on windows) or save it as a .pptx as the fonts will get embedded and bring your laptop to the preview room.
  • Format of the presentation should be MS PowerPoint (.pptx - 2010 or later) or Mac Keynote 6.x or later (.key)
  • Videos should be in mp4/mov format for Mac and for windows should be in WMV format.
  • If there are any videos in your presentation, please preview them to check that they run properly. Load your presentations in advance and check that they are working fine.
  • Kindly carry the video source file as a backup for the talk.
  • All speakers must be seated in the front row of the hall during your session
  • As per ICNA Guidelines all presentations are uploaded onto for future academic and teaching purposes. It is assumed that you consent to the same. If you do not want to have your videos/photographs uploaded on the ICNA website, please carry along an alternate presentation without the media
  • Last but not the least, keeping within the time allotted is paramount and hence advance planning and preparedness for your presentation is important for the success of your talk

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